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Bioorthogonal chemistry(生物正交化学) DBCO , BCN , PEG modified propyne and azide, S-tetrazine series, TCO and cyclopropene and other excellent bio-orthogonal reaction reagents.
1,2,4,5 - four oxazine with large tensile ring olefins, such as the small size of the ring propylene and trans cyclooctene (TCO) for biological orthogonal with the fastest reaction rate without catalyst, has been successfully applied to the antibody tag and a variety of applications such as protein modification.
Monodisperse PEG linkers(PEG单元<12) Monodisperse PEG derivatives such as Amino-PEGn-NH2, Amino-PEGn-NHBoc, Amino-PEGn-COOH, NH2O-PEGn-COOH.
Monodisperse PEG linkers(PEG单元>12) NH2-PEG-OH, NH2-PEG-COOH, N3-PEG-COOH, Me-PEG-OH, Me-PEG-N3, Me-PEG-COOH, Me-PEG-NH2, Bn-PEG-OH, THP- PEG-OH, etc., monodisperse PEG derivatives with PEG units>12.
Functionalized polymer PEG (功能化高分子 PEG) NH2-PEG-NH2、NH2-PEG-COOH、NHBoc-PEG-NH2、NHFmoc-PEG-NH2、NH2-PEG-SH、mPEG-NH2、mPEG-COOH 等功能化高分子聚乙二醇。