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    Confluore Biotechnology is a high-tech company specialized in the process development of bio-orthogonal reaction reagents, functionalized monodisperse polyethylene glycol, fluorescent dyes, bifunctional chelating agents and biomarking, also committed to exploring their deeply application of those reagent in life science research and innovation drug discovery with our customer.
    CONFLUORE is the self-owned brand of Confluore Biotech, which is a combination of the two English words: conjugation and fluorescence. The original meaning of conjugation is a pair that matches according to the law, which is consistent with the connotation of precise pairing between the ligand and receptor, and between the two reactive functional groups in the bio-orthogonal reaction. Fluorescence refers to functional small molecules related to fluorescence, such as fluorescent dyes, fluorescent probes, photosensitizers, etc.
    After years of research and accumulation, the company can provide multi-gram-level high-purity fluorescent probes (BODIPY, FAM, TAMRA, Cyanine, ICG, SiR 652, Alex 647) and diaziridine; 100 grams-level high-purity bio-orthogonal reaction Reagents (DBCO, TCO, Tetrazine, BCN), bifunctional chelating agents (DOTA, NOTA, H3RESCA), biotin and dethiobiotin derivatives, photosensitizers ([Ru], [Ir], acridine salt); and kg Grade high purity functionalized monodisperse polyethylene glycol modified with amino, carboxyl, alkynyl, azide, maleimide, etc.
    Under the guidance of the "customer-centric" business philosophy, Confluore Biotech focuses on providing high-quality reagents and pharmaceutical intermediates for customers from universities, research institutes and biomedical companies, and assisting in solving problems encountered in research program, and jointly promote the development of human health!

New Product Promotion Column
    Confluore Biotechnology is committed to the domestic substitution of imported high-end biological and chemical reagents and structural modification of them on this basis, in order to obtain cutting-edge biological and chemical reagents with independent intellectual property rights and better performance. This column is used to display our recently developed domestic alternative fluorescent probes, chelating agents such as DOTA/NOTA, bifunctionalized monodisperse PEG (polymerization degree>12), MTS reagents, ADC linkers, PROTACs, and self-developed water-soluble bioorthogonal chemical reagents, self-scintillating fluorescent probes used for ultra-high-resolution imaging, and new bifunctional chelating agents. etc.


  • High quality

    The purity of the product is determined by 1H NMR or HPLC-MS to ensure the quality of the product.

  • Preferential price

    We provide our customers with the best prices through continuous technological innovation.

  • Fast delivery

    ​In order to ensure that customers get products as soon as possible, stock products are shipped within 24 hours. Customized products, usually shipped in two weeks.

  • Technical support

    We provide professional technical advice to our customers, contact us and we will help you.

  • Bioorthogonal chemistry(生物正交化学)

    DBCO , BCN , PEG modified propyne and azide, S-tetrazine series, TCO and cyclopropene and other excellent bio-orthogonal reaction reagents.

  • Monodisperse PEG linkers(PEG单元<13)

    Monodisperse PEG derivatives such as Amino-PEGn-NH2, Amino-PEGn-NHBoc, Amino-PEGn-COOH, NH2O-PEGn-COOH.

  • Monodisperse PEG linkers(PEG单元>12)

    NH2-PEG-OH, NH2-PEG-COOH, N3-PEG-COOH, Me-PEG-OH, Me-PEG-N3, Me-PEG-COOH, Me-PEG-NH2, Bn-PEG-OH, THP- PEG-OH, etc., monodisperse PEG derivatives with PEG units>12.

  • Functionalized polymer PEG (功能化高分子 PEG)


  • Branched PEG(树枝状 PEG)

    PEG-NH-PEG、 PEG-Boc-PEG、 PEG-Mal-PEG、 PEG-N-Me-PEG、 PEG-Fluorescein-PEG、 PEG-Biotin-PEG、 PEG-S-PEG、 PEG-SO2-PEG 树枝状单分散PEG。

  • MTS reagents

    Charged MTS reagents、​Neutral MTS reagents、Spin labelled MTS reagents、Fluorescent labelled reagents 等 MTS 试剂。

  • DSBSO-Crosslinker

    DSBSO Crosslinker is a bifunctional, membrane permeable, and enriched sulfoxide containing crosslinker, which is used to analyze protein protein interaction (PPI) by cross-linking mass spectrometry (XL-MS). It will also be a useful proteomics tool for finding protein targets that target "non drug" proteins.

  • Fluorescent dyes (荧光染料)

    Pyrene, BODIPY, fluorescein, rhodamine and cyanine dyes and their derivatives.

  • (Sulfo)ICG-Dyes

    ICG-COOH、ICG-NHS、ICG-amine、ICG-azide、ICG-alkyne、ICG-DBCO、ICG-Tz、ICG-TCO、ICG-Mal、Sulfo-ICG-COOH、Sulfo-ICG-amine、Sulfo-ICG-DBCO、Sulfo-ICG-azide、Sulfo-ICG-azide、Sulfo-ICG-alkyne、Sulfo-ICG-DBCO .

  • Si Rhodamine 652

    The SiR fluorescent dye replaces the oxygen atoms of the rhodamine nucleus with silicon atoms, making it have the advantages of traditional rhodamine fluorescent dyes, and can also redshift the fluorescence wavelength to the near-infrared band, which is a good solution to the traditional rhodamine The short fluorescence wavelength meets the requirements of near-infrared biofluorescence imaging.

  • NIR-II Dyes

    FD-1080, Flav-7, IR-1048  carboxylic acid, amine, azide, alkyne, DBCO, tetrazine, Mal and other click chemical labeled near-infrared second-region dyes.

  • ADC Peptide Linkers


  • FAPI/PSMA probe

    FAPI-2, FAPI-2 TFA, FAPI-03, FAPI-4, FAPI-05, FAPI-06, FAPI-07, FAPI-08, FAPI-09, FAPI-11, FAPI-12, FAPI-14, FAPI-15.

  • AT-Dyes

    AT-dye is a common fluorescent dye. It can be used as a fluorescent label and molecular probe for a series of biomolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids. Its spectrum covers the range from ultraviolet light to near-infrared light, and it is the most complete fluorescent label. Compared with other dyes, it has excellent light stability and brightness in the red spectral region.

  • AF-647/555 Click probes

     AF-dyes is a major breakthrough in fluorescent labeling reagents, including a series of excellent dyes for near ultraviolet, visible light and near infrared spectra. These reagents can be used for labeling and positioning tissues, cells, and biomolecules in biomedical research. Its excitation light and emission light spectrum cover most of the visible light and part of the infrared spectrum, so it is suitable for most fluorescence microscopes.

  • Huaxi-Fluor 探针

  • Black Hole Quencher (BHQ 1-3)

    Carboxyl, amino and succinimidyl ester derivatives of BHQ-1, BHQ-2, and BHQ-3.

  • Functional Dyes(膜电位监测、细胞示踪等功能染料)

    Functional dyes such as membrane potential monitoring and cell tracking are dyes used in medical research and cell culture. After it enters the cell membrane, the dye diffuses on the entire cell membrane, and the entire cell membrane can be stained at the optimal concentration. Before the dye enters the cell membrane, the fluorescence is very weak. When combined with the cell membrane, the fluorescence intensity is greatly enhanced. This type of dye has a high quenching constant and excited state lifetime.

  • UV-trace Probe(UV-trace 探针)

    UV-Tracer Probe is an emerging fluorescent probe in recent years. Our company has a series of UV-Tracer probes to choose from, including: UV-Tracer alkyne NHS ester, UV-Tracer Biotin amine, UV-Tracer Biotin NHS ester, UV-Tracer azide acid, UV-Tracer Biotin Mal, UV -Tracer DBCO Mal, UV-Tracer DBCO NHS ester, UV-Tracer TCO NHS ester and other probes.

  • Photoreaction catalyst([Ru]/[Ir]/吖啶光敏剂)

    Acridine salts, strontium complexes, and strontium complexes.

  • Biotin labeling(生物素标记)

    Amine reactive activity, carboxyl reactive activity, carbonyl reactive activity, water soluble and cleavable biotin labeling reagent.

  • Protein crosslinker(蛋白交联剂)

    A maleimide derivative, a mercapto derivative, and a diazoxide compound used for photocrosslinking.

  • Biochemical small molecular markers(生化小分子标记)

    Click on chemically labeled amino acids, sugars, phospholipids.

  • PROTACs Small molecule target head labeling(PROTACs 小分子靶头标记)

    Pomalidomide、(S,R,S)-AHPC、BG、GGG、(S)-Di-tert-butyl-2-(3-((S)-6-amino-1-(tert-butoxy)-1-oxohexan-2-yl)ureido)pentanedioate and other Small molecule target head labeling.

  • DOTA/NOTA/H3RESCA/MAG3/DTPA/Deferoxamine/NTA/Octaaminocryptands

    DOTA, NOTA, H3RESCAMAG3DTPADeferoxamineNTAOctaaminocryptands and other bifunctional chelating agent derivatives, used in the research and development of medical diagnosis and treatment reagents.

  • Functional microsphere materials(功能微球材料)

    Microspheres are colloidal materials with particle sizes ranging from tens of nanometers to hundreds of microns. Due to its special size and morphology, microsphere materials are widely used in daily chemical industry, energy storage and catalysis, biomedicine, wastewater treatment, petrochemical and other fields.

  • Functional macromolecule polymer(功能性大分子聚合物)

    Functional macromolecular polymers are polymer materials with chemically active functions.

  • Other popular biochemical reagents(其它热销生化试剂)

    9,10-anthracene 2-2(methylene malonic acid, three butterfly -9-2 formaldehyde, N-benzyl chlorine quinine, 4-fluoro-7-nitrobenzene and miscellaneous-1,3-2-oxygen-1, sell like hot cakes, and other biochemical reagents.

  • The custom synthesis(定制合成)

    Custom catalog products of analogs and derivatives. In addition, natural product derivatives and bioactive small molecules can also be customized.


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