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      西安康福诺生物科技有限公司成立于2018年,是研发和销售科研用前沿化学试剂、生物试剂的高新技术企业,与国内各大高校、研究所及生物医药公司建立了广泛的业务往来。公司销售CONFLUORE品牌(康福诺生物)的生物正交反应试剂、单分散聚乙二醇衍生物、荧光染料、蛋白交联剂、生物素衍生物、生化试剂盒、光反应催化剂和COF/MOF 配体及其它高端生化试剂。此外,基于完善的实验设备及检测仪器,为客户提供高端定制合成服务。西安点化生物科技有限公司秉承严谨、创新、诚信、共赢的价值观,致力于与化学科学、材料科学、生命科学等研究领域的客户建立长久的合作关系,为缔造中国高端试剂品牌不懈努力!
   Established in 2018,  Xi'an Confluore Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that develops and sells cutting-edge chemical reagents and biological reagents for scientific research. It has established extensive business contacts with major universities, research institutes and biopharmaceutical companies in China. The company offers high quality bio-orthogonal reagents,monodisperse polyethylene glycol derivatives, fluorescent dyes, protein crosslinkers, biotin derivatives, biochemical kits, photoreactive catalysts and COF/MOF ligands. In addition, based on perfect experimental equipment and testing equipment, we provide customers with high-end customized synthesis services. Adhering to the values of rigor, innovation, integrity and win-win, Xi'an Confluore Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to establishing long-term cooperative relationships with customers in the fields of chemical science, materials science and life sciences, and making unremitting efforts to create high-end reagent brands in China. !

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