In vitro screening of antitumor drugs(抗肿瘤药物体外筛选)

    In vitro drug screening is currently the most common in vitro testing of anti-tumor drugs. We have more than 140 human-derived tumor cell banks identified by STR to provide our customers with preliminary screening of various compounds.
体外药物筛选目前最常见的是抗肿瘤药物体外检测,我们拥有超过140多种经过STR鉴定 的人源肿瘤细胞库,为广大客户提供各种化合物的初步筛选。

How to conduct in vitro drug screening?
1. Inquiry and order: The customer communicates with us to determine the plan and price, and then the customer places an order. After confirmation, we will arrange the inspection for you.
2. Provide samples: customers only need to provide the target compounds to be tested, each 2-3mg, we will arrange the corresponding screening and testing services.
3. Follow-up services: customer acceptance results, payment of final payment, return of samples, completion of work, and answering questions for you.


The following is a detailed list of human tumor cell models required

Human tumor cell model
kind Human tumor cells
Glioma A172、U-118 MG、U-87 MG、U251
Mouth, nose, and throat cancer KB、Tca-8113、CAL 27、CNE、FaDu、HEp-2
thyroid SW579、TT
Esophageal cancer Eca-109、TE-1
Breast cancer ZR-75-1、SK-BR-3、MDA-MB-468、MDA-MB-453、MDA-MB-231、MCF-7、BT-474、T-47D、BT-549、 MDA-MB-435、Hs 578T
Gastric cancer SNU-1、NCI-N87、KATO III、BGC-823、HGC-27、AGS
Liver cancer Hep G2、Hep 3B2.1-7、HCCC-9810、HuH-7、QGY-7701、RBE、HuH-6
Lung cancer NCI-H460、NCI-H358、NCI-H1650、NCI-H1299、NCI-H292、HCC827、A549、SK-MES-1、 Calu-6、NCI-H1975、95-D、NCI-H226、SPC-A-1、Calu-3
Gallbladder cancer GBC-SD
Pancreatic cancer SW 1990、PANC-1、CFPAC-1、BxPC-3、AsPC-1
Prostate cancer PC-3、PC-3M、DU 145、22RV1
Kidney cancer SK-NEP-1、Caki-1、786-O(786-0)、OS-RC-2、769-P
Ovarian cancer SK-OV-3、OVCAR-3、HO-8910
Cervical cancer C-33 A、MS751、SiHa、Ca Ski、HeLa、HCC 94、Ishikawa、ME-180
Endometrial adenocarcinoma RL95-2、HEC-1-A、HEC-1-B、C-33 A、MS751、SiHa、Ca Ski、HeLa、HCC 94、Ishikawa、ME-180
Bladder Cancer 5637、UM-UC-3、SW 780、J82、T24、EJ-1、RT4
Colon cancer SW620、LoVo、HT-29、HCT 116、COLO 205、RKO-E6、SW1116、RKO、LS 174T、Caco-2、 SW480 [SW-480]、DLD-1、HCT-15
Osteosarcoma Saos-2、U-2 OS、MG-63、SW 1353
Neuroblastoma SK-N-SH、SK-N-BE(2)、SH-SY5Y[SHSY-5Y]
Lymphoma CA46、Raji、NAMALWA、RAMOS、U-937、Daudi
Skin cancer, melanoma A-431、A-375、C918
leukemia HuT 78、6T-CEM、Jurkat, Clone E6-1、KG-1、CCRF-CEM、CEM/C1、HL-60、K-562、THP-1、A3、HEL
other RD、JAR、JEG-3、HT-1080、Acc-2、etc.


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