Alexa Fluor-dyes(Alexa Fluor染料)

Alexa Fluor-dyes(Alexa Fluor染料) Alexa Fluor is a major breakthrough in fluorescent labeling reagents, including a series of excellent dyes for near ultraviolet, visible light and near infrared spectra. These reagents can be used for labeling and positioning tissues, cells, and biomolecules in biomedical research. Its excitation light and emission light spectrum cover most of the visible light and part of the infrared spectrum, so it is suitable for most fluorescence microscopes.
AF 647-Click probes
AF 647-Click probes
The Alexa Fluor series of dyes are the best dyes in the visible spectrum. Their excitation and emission spectra cover most of the visible light and part of the infrared spectrum. Xi'an Confluore has a series of Alexa Fluor dyes to choose from, including: Alexa Fluor 350 Acid, Alexa Fluor 405 Acid, Alexa Fluor 430 Acid, Alexa Fluor 488 Acid, Alexa Fluor 514 Acid, Alexa Fluor 532 Acid, Alexa Fluor 546 Acid, Alexa Fluor 568 Acid, Alexa Fluor 594 Acid, Alexa Fluor 610 Acid, Alexa Fluor 647 Acid and other dyes.

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